Solstice Celebration

River friends and family alike had a beautiful solstice concert followed by tasty treats to share. This Little Light Of Mine, Peace Like A River, I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing,  Jingle Bells and other songs were performed, accompanied by Ms. Meg on guitar. A good time was had by all!

Solstice Votives

Both classrooms made pinched and coiled solstice candle holders to represent the light and change that is important at winter solstice time.“Solstice” comes from two Latin words: sol meaning “sun” and sistere meaning “to stand still” because it appeared as though the sun and moon had stopped moving across the sky. This longest night of…


Friends in the front class watched the northlights video from previous post as well. We made an aurora borealis mural on the wall in the yoga room. We reached high and low using our whole body to draw. It was fun. We also made a northlights rainbow bird, oil pastel on tarpaper,  to join our…


Friends from both classrooms watched many Northern Lights displays that were beautiful. We talked about the north pole and solar flares, winds and gases and how they glow and color is created. The middle class drew with pastel and glitter to create their own creations.


Friends in the front class looked at the pictures in a Norwegian story,  “Children of the Northlights”. We made a monoprint with antlers, body, legs to create our own reindeer from Scandinavia. We enjoyed talking about the deer and doing a reindeer yoga.


Friends painted a landscape and seascape under the lunch table. We measured and made an ocean border. We made marks and patterns on the trees and each one is different. We have to make a sunset and more boats for it to be finished!