Visiting Mind ROYAL RIVER BOOKS Amy Beard

Amy spoke with us about Antarctica reading “Life Under Ice”. This was written by Yarmouth friend and National Geographic photographer, Bill Curtsinger. We enjoyed talking about penguins, krill, leopard seals and more. We were amazed that he photographed a mile under the ice!

Visting Mind SAFE PASSAGE Christine Slader

Visiting Mind, Christine Slader, returned from Safe Passage, Guatemala City, with all kinds of things to share with us. She gave the children our book of portraits and returned with a book of faces from the SP nursery. Friends talked about the family of man and the connection we feel.


Every Wednesday friends are taking turns to teach a project to classmates. It is an empowering moment for giving time and skill shares. We have had Annabelle teaching how to make clay shoes. Simon taught how to make winter branches for the arctic boxes. Fiona is teaching beading for our solar system mobiles. Sully taught…


The play area can be a library, bakery, vets office, clinic,………