Visiting Mind: Jay Waterman Development Director Portland Housing Authority

We had an amazing time building our dream town and community for Jay Waterman. Replete with playgrounds, fun fairs, school, parks, forests, houses, farmers market, bakery, fairy forest, castle, art museum, big marina with tidal wave, the list goes on, and friends made a fabulous town. Jay explained city planning maps and designs from Portland,…

The house of…

The jump from letter recognition to initial reading can seem like a very big and very daunting job for friends. This is why it’s so important to make it fun! Our lovely Ms. Barbara prepared this Montessori work for us, and it’s a huge hit in our Pre-K classroom. We call it the “house of”…

Visiting Mind: Cartographer Renee Bogart

Mina’s mom, Renee Bogart, came to visit with a talk about how we can map land and towns. We talked about symbols and map keys and learned how to make a compass rose. We had fun mapping River School and what was nearby on Main Street. We have been making Montessori world and USA maps,…

Earth & Topographic Maps

Friends in front and middle classes mapped forest, desert, jungle, ocean, lakes, rivers and even a few volcanoes after looking at our wonderful Smithsonian Earth book!


Friends in the middle class are toasting marshmallows, making s’mores and reading and cooking by a toy Coleman stove. We also have a tent to share stories and have fun.

River School Bakery

Friends in the front class are making  and baking yummy foods in the River play area. Did you know Ms. Lianne owned a popular bakery in Newton Ma. back in the day? That is why we have such delicious healthy snacks at River School!    

Bedroom Maps

Friends in the middle class drew a map of their bedroom. We looked at size relationships between bed, dressers, bookcases, toyboxes and more. Fractions and distance were used. We placed windows, doors and closets and talked about north, south, east, west, right and left. Drawing from 3-D to 2-D and 2-D to 3-D is a…

Mapping Our Room

Friends in the front class learned more about shape, proportion, direction and how to draw a 2-D diagram from 3-dimensions in their thinking minds ! Tough stuff, but River kids got it!

Visiting Mind/ Anna Goodfriend

Ms. Barbaras daughter, Anna, lived in Nepal. She studied a form of Kundalini and learned the healing sounds of Singing Bowls. Friends all had a turn at playing the different beautiful bronze bowls and handling the mallets. We also met with her amazing baby, Shanti, which means Peace!

Calico Animals

Friends in the front class had fun creating their own calico animals after reading Calico Jungle!

Calico Jungle Mural

Middle class had fun painting and constructing a mural after reading and looking at the marvelous illustrations from his classic Dahlov Ipcar book.

Dahlov Ipcar

One of Maine’s favorite children’s book authors, Dahlov Ipcar, passed at 99 years old in Georgetown, Me. on Feb 10. She was the daughter of fauvist painter and textile artist, Marguerite Zorach and sculptor, William Zorach. We celebrated her life with reading her books, (all published locally at Islandport Press.), and a created a mural…

Dr. Suess’Birthday!

We celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday in the beginning of March. (March 2 b.) We made a library of all his funny books in the play space. We created our favorite characters, made a truffala tree mural and a 3-d tree. We had a photo booth to take pics of us as Cat in the Hat…

Pizza Parlor

Mangia! Mangia! Friends made a brick oven pizza parlor and rolled, sold  and baked slices of this and that.


Friends in the middle class exchanged notes and drawings from each other. We made special heart boxes to put them in . Kindness and heart connection was emphasized during this special time with reading, yoga and art.


We are very lucky to have the Royal River Park as our sled run! SO MUCH FUN!!

snow architects

In addition to sledding we looked at books of animal habitats and  in the park we made a space for deer and other animal visitors. We also attempted a snow sculpture of an Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar!

aurora borealis and polar bears

Children looked at a film of aurora borealis. Pastels, sparkly moons and suns were drawn on to wood shingles. The bear sculpture was pinched into animated forms. We talked about giving a sculpture life through movement.

arctic habitats & northern lights

Friends made polar bears, seals and glaciers and made northern lights dioramas. We looked at a film of aurora borealis in Norway and read books on the topics for February.