Visiting Mind: Yasmin Craig Vitalius, Portland Symphony Violinist

Yasmin Craig Vitalius is an amazing violinist with the Portland Symphony. She is also the mother of Allegra and Cole, graduates of River School. She has had an incredible musical life Yasmin played to Composition vii by Kandinsky. She then had the children feel the different sounds and played slow, fast, gentle and loud and…

Drawing to Music

We have been listening to different kinds of classical music. Beethoven, Mozart and Bach have been favored by most.. The front class painted to Eric Satie’s Gnossienes in an extra segment. We also looked at Kandinsky and Paul Klee whose paintings are informed by music. This is an opportunity to talk about abstraction and feeling…


Most friends in the front class elected to make rabbits for spring! Their were three birds as well. We sculpted with Ms.Kats special Berkshire  clay, painted then carved through color. That is called sgraffito.

Our House

As a follow on from our mapmaking the front class did picture of their house in the middle of the street in wood relief!


Both classes became birds understanding the incredible way they make their homes. We looked at different types of bird eggs and most settled for robins eggs made from clay and speckled paint. The middle class made wonderful sheep with roven and natural wool and clothes pegs.We are loving spring at River School!

Home Sweet Home

As we have been learning about different homes for animals and friends, the middle class had their own house in the dramatic play area. Making meals, washing up, serving food, dressing up. ironing and then relaxing was the order of the day for some of April!

!Happy Birthday Ms.Barbara!

Friends created a wonderful birthday lunch for the lovely Ms. Barbara on April 6! Did you know that Ms. Barbara had a Montessori group in Colorado, and of course worked the knowledge in Santa Barbara, California! Ms. Barbara studied under Maria Montessori’s first student, who was with Maria in India for three years. We are…