Butterfly Branches

Friends chose their favorite colored papers to create a butterfly branch. We hung them in the window to create a butterfly forest. We watched the National Geographic amazing  butterfly forest and saw pictures of their long migration

Self Portrait Stories

Friends in the front class looked for a story in the grain of our wood then followed it along with pastel creating landscape and shapes. They watercolored and drew pictures of themselves within the space, and then titled the piece, as they worked. This is a great opportunity to let a material, like wood, speak…

Royal River Park Fabric Landscapes

Friends painted. sponged and printed sky, butterfly clouds and birch trees and found fallen leaves, sticks , pinecones with other flora and fauna to begin our park  and portrait landscapes. We will continue next week adding other special treasures, ourselves included!!

Hirameki : Draw what you see

Hirameki is the Japanese art of drawing what you see. Keeping with the theme of peace and river, friends found waterfalls, fish, birds and animals in the blots, lines and dots of our prints. We also carefully signed and titled our monoprint edition.

International Peace Day!

Wishing you all a beautiful International Peace Day! We celebrated here this morning with a peace parade, chatting about what peace means to all of us, and a rendition of Peace Like a River! Spread the love, friends!      

Birch Peace Crowns

Friends found natural treasures to decorate their special birch crowns. Ms.  Kat visited Ms Barbara’s beautiful gardens to find pods, seeds, pine cones, chocolate mint and sage. We also found shells that were from the north and the south.

Peace Necklaces

  With old lobster trap rope and copper wire we wrapped and twirled shells and found objects to create some cool River School peace bling!  

Community/ Self Portraits

Friends in the middle class were given a long length of paper to create a vision of what they saw when they meditated and thought of love and peace. We talked about color and blending, then pastels were chosen to create their particular image that also connected with each others along a river horizon line….

Letter fun!

In our Pre-K classroom, friends are so excited to learn their letters in different ways! Whether it’s games or journal writing (where it’s about trying to sound out the words of their unique stories, not about correct spelling!), friends are growing their confidence through fun activities!

Peace Like A River

Art is here to ignite and excite children about themselves, our local community, and the big world around us. We are curators of a very special place here at the River School campus. Friends welcomed the feeling of “peace like a river” making their monoprints and mural today! United Nations International Peace Day will be…


The front class wishes you all a happy and zen-like weekend!

Letters, letters!

In our second week in our middle class, we are jumping into some letter adventures! We continue to introduce new games, works, and activities to our friends that bridge meaningful connections to themselves and their friends, making letter recognition fun!    

River Printmaking II

Friends from the middle class created a series of prints about the river in Royal River Park. We ran and played with blue silk flags, rushing and moving like the river. We sat on the hill and listened quietly as we thought of words that described the sight and sound of the river. It was…

River Printmaking I

Friends in the front class had fun painting, burnishing and then “pulling” a series of monoprints about the river. What does a river sound like? What does a peaceful river look like? What colors are in your river? Friends worked one after the other on the same plate, creating a good community feeling and were…

*Beary* cute introduction into routine

When children first start school, this is often the first time they get to learn about rules and routine. For first-time friends, this can seem very daunting and that’s why it’s so important to make it fun! Check out these colorful bears learning how to line up! In our morning circle in our Front class,…