Arctic Animals

Friends looked at pictures of Inuit sculpture. The Inuit sculptors carve from soapstone, bone, serpentine and antlers. We took the idea of subtractive sculpting, while carving, pinching and taking away clay and keeping it whole. We made polar bears and harp seals today!

Aurora Borealis

Friends in both classes are getting ready for winter! Boots, mittens and hats are full on to get into some icy outdoor fun! We are looking at the North Pole and talking about what happens during aurora borealis and what the geography is and who lives there! A mural, arctic animal sculptures, diorama and north…

Samhain in the Garden

Friends in the front class harvested the last of the river apples as they went on a hunt with their deer, bear and cheetah totems in the front garden. This time of year is halfway between the autumn equinox and winter solstice. Sprinkled ice fell on antlers to represent winter coming!

community bowl

Friends took turns in both classes to work together in making a beautiful communal bowl. Students rolled balls of clay and pressed into slab, quite literally making a bowl with underwater stones or rocks. It has become a River tradition to gift this to a River family at the end of the year with a…


Friends chopped and diced vegetables for a grand Stone Soup ¬†luncheon. Our cooking teacher, Ms Lianne, thought her stone needed a bit of salt. Then she thought it needed a carrot, then brussel sprouts, then a vidalia onion, then a squash and so on and on with 33 different vegetables until we had two pots…

River Clay Chemistry Experiment 

Friends had fun drying, slaking and milling clay found in the river. We made five varieties, one with nothing added. We recorded in our clay data book. We will test for workability, shrinkage, cracking and color. Once we find the one we like, we will use it in a group clay project for the garden.

Soup Bowl Pottery

Friends in the middle class made earthenware clay bowls on the pottery wheel. We learned how to be still and center the clay first. We then made a cone or beehive and¬† found the center to open the shape into a bowl form. We then slipped, glazed and texturized while the wheel was in motion…

A Little Harvest Meal

Friends glazed and fired their little meals, while exploring tools and textures in clay handbuilding. I love the blue pizza and yellow and blue sunny- side up eggs!