Musical Mats & Yoga Sculpture

Ms.Meg has created a spin off of her wonderful morning yoga classes with an energizing musical mat series! Friends circle the yoga room while Ms Meg sings and plays guitar. When she stops playing, friends strike a favored yoga pose on a mat. Warrior, pigeon, eagle, half plank and downward dog were just some of…

All Aboard the R Train

River School friends in front were heard choo-chooibg an afternoon break on a train to California and Germany ! Pocketbooks with tickets ,doll passenger and turns at being the conductor was alot of fun!

Snow Caterpillar

Friends were surprised to find a living caterpillar in the park! How does it survive this icy cold spell!???

Getting ready for our Play!

Friends have all made a papier-mâché animal puppet to get ready for The Mitten Play! We came up with ideas for characters, setting and props and drew a Scandinavian scene/ backdrop with the elements they thought were most important. We set up the dramatic play area with a puppet stage and hand puppets. Friends are…


Brrrrrr. Our front class friends read about how animals hibernate under and over the ground . We chose brown bears in a glistening icy cave made with clay- a group favorite !

Power Words/ Marbling

Friends added oil colors to a water bath that created colorful swirls of pattern. They put their card mittens with their selected color bath- a group decision-and then chose “power” words that are important to their learning and has to do with their peace work, hygge, Martin Luther King and how to be a good…

Martin Luther King

Friends read and discussed important messages on equality, diversity and peaceful civil rights. “we are one family!!” exclaimed a 4 year old friend. Here is a beautiful read.on Dr. King’s vision of interconnectedness and “we are one family”!      

dance & movement 

In addition to our fabulous yoga program we move with musical  statues, animal  Tai Chi, gymnastics  and ballet which are seen all around River. Friends were cast as reindeer in the Nutcracker this season, and we got to see that too!! River School Rocks!!

papier-mâché animals

    Friends learned about armature and shape while taping paper forms to make our Mitten puppets . We have the Russian Mitten story and the Jan Brett version of this timeless tale and wanted to include all 15 characters from both. We used colored tissue to make them come alive!

Earth Topography and Nature

What makes rivers and islands? Is there more water or land on earth.? Which animals live on land and sea? Friends explore and answer these questions with this fun Montessori work.

Treats For Animal Friends

We made pinecone treats today for our birds and animal friend in the park layering seed butter and berries galore!


Friends looked at clothes and warm things to understand weaving, web and waft . We made a lap loom, the most ancient way of weaving which we can all contribute to with great patience. This is a great way of understanding math, pattern and repetition. it takes great focus settling on some inner calm. There…

Grandmother Moses and Winter Window Mural

We looked at winter paintings of Grandmother Moses, and made a mural informed by her sweet paintings.We are making a window which will show all of us skating, snowboarding, skiing and sledding. Friends worked with outline and an underpainting that could work with all the nordic scraps (ll bean sweater swatches !) that became figures…


How do we stay warm and cozy? How do we chillax and chill out? In Scandinavia, hygge, a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” it’s a winter way of life in Scandinavia. January brings friends to a time of understanding…

Follow the letter!

Having some fun with our mitten theme with this interactive activity. Friends in our middle class are locating both the lowercase and uppercase letter to get to the mitten finish line!

winter solstice celebration

Many thanks to our lovely River friends and family for the wonderful solstice celebration we all shared together! Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season! Let it shine!!!