Shape Art in Marbled Accordian Books and Positive/ Negative Space!

Friends in the front class learned about design and shapes in the world around us. Positive and negative space was also part of this discovery ! We traced and painted from our tesselation box and put our designs in our marbled books ! We taped patterns for positive and negative space !

Beautiful Blackbird: Ashley Bryan

Friends created a mural banner, monoprints, “etchings” and paper mobile of the retelling of a traditional African tale, set long ago where there were so many brightly colored birds but only Blackbird wore the color black. The other birds thought that Blackbird was the most beautiful because his color included all the colors under the…

Visiting Mind: Linda Ashe-Ford / Black History Month

Friends at River School met teacher/ activist/ actress and storyteller, Linda Ashe-Ford today, who launched our black history month.! We sang our way through the school to a “Follow Me” song and dance calling friends to the meeting. Like a village story teller, or griot, Linda passed on the story, culture, and history of African…

The Mitten

To finish off a month of wintery tales and Hygge we read both versions of The Mitten. The popular version by Jan Brett, and the original Ukrainian folktale by Alvin Tresselt that Ms. Eliza had when she was a little girl were read. Friends made a set, characters and learned some basic theater skills for…

Hygge Still Life

We looked at still lifes of Matisse and Cezanne. We set up a teapot with winter flowers, and friends created a tablecloth with a red and blue grid color field. Many hues and values of red mixed with blue compose the still life and children explored that range ( I see some rogue yellow in…


Friends made valentine messages continuing our writing exchange skills. They had tons of fun in the love office!

100 DAYS!!

Friends learned all about the big hundred choosing snacks in multiples of 10’s, sorting crystals and beads in 10’s-20’s- 30’s cupcake tins and made a big sign  to celebrate!  Over


Friends felted hearts, grated soap and felted acorns for gifts. This is a wonderful process that requires patience and talk about color and shape while choosing roving that contrasts or blends with the object. We also marbleized our metal tins for extra pizzazz! Friends wanted these for gifts! Happy day!

Practical Life Skills!

Front class friends get right to it with  a myriad of self directed Montessori activities  .It’s wonderful to see and hear the quiet buzz of industrious work in the classroom. Basting, pouring into teacups,and adding- subtracting materials , teaches friends control of movement and skills that we use in the kitchen, home and school.

Be the Goat, Sunflower Creamery Art Auction

Mildred the Goat Platter (terracotta,measure colored oxides and slips, cone 05 glaze,) Friends at River School in Yarmouth, Maine created a beautiful communal platter with a drawing transfer, leaves, stamps, coils, slabs and texture tools after a visit from Mildred the Goat and Sunflower Farmers. Eighteen sets of 4 year old hands contributed to celebrating…

Butter Shaking and Churning 

Ms Lianne had a special project where friend shook cream in a jar with two marbles and watched it turn from liquid to solid . Friends shook for  several minutes and then made a butter and buttermilk concoction and slathered it on cornbread that they also made!!