April Peace Pottery Camp!

April break got off  to a good start with five friends from both classes working, playing and creating incredible stuff!  Young potters made amazing ware on the pottery wheel and some sculpture too!  We got all Zen, we’re still, checked our breath, centered, and centrifugal force did the rest! The rain didn’t stop our friends…


Friends in the front class threw hand bells or chimes to ring in spring! We’re always amazed at the focus in the very young when they connect with earth on the pottery wheel. The secret is staying centered and the centrifugal force does the rest…….!


Friends set up a restaurant in the dramatic play area and called it the Owl&Elm, owned by Tatum’s family. Foam french fries were good, but the real potato french fries were off the chart!  Thanks, Tatum and fam, for the tasty field trip ! https://owlandelm.com  Rumor has it that you have the voted  #1 recipe…

Volcano Eruption

Friends created a volcano and eruption with clay, pink vinegar and baking soda. They had little clay rocks and papers and experimented to see if these would explode too! Science and art fun!

Visiting Mind / Caitlin Gerber / Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Caitlin Gerber, a friend of Ms. Eliza’s, from Chebeague Island, gave us a fantastic slide show about protecting islands that dot the longest coastline in the USA–Maine! Caitlin is a land steward / land curator, helping nature and cleaning up our very precious public land treasures. What a great job she has! She gets to…

Bean Sprout Bets

Friends packaged samples of bean science. Can the bean seed sprout with or without soil? This is a fun spring time experiment!

Drawing Booklets to England!

Friends in the middle drew pictures of Maine and messages of peace to friends “across the pond”! We stamped our River poem on them! Our British friends at Dharma School in Brighton, East Sussex, will send back their messages too! Drawing pals!

sculpture/ portrait heads

Friends created wonderful clay portrait heads that were bronzed with metal flake paint. With mirrors in hand we looked at the geometry of the head and face before adding our details. Eyes and mouth ellipses were tooled and rounded to create different eyes and expressions. The hair was fun , with beehives and braids on…

Spring Tulips

Spring tulip still lifes were drawn with soft pastels. A happy spring birthday to Ms. Mandy too!!

Flower Fairies and Chrysanthemum

Friends in the front class created a  portrait in the center of a flower of their choice . They are painted and drawn with oil pastels, watercolors and wood. Spring has sprung at River School! Ms. Lianne read one of our book faves, Chrysanthemum, about a girl with a flower name!