Beaver Dioramas

  Continuing our study on beavers and their habitat, we made dams and lodges inside our cigar boxes, in all stages of activity. We looked at details of a diagram and its front and back paws and tail. and what they were used for. Sticks, real beaver shards, pine and eucalyptus created the lodge and…

A Cozy Morning

Tuesday and Thursday friends watched  an amaryllis grow into full blossom , baked some playdough muffins and did some land and water mapping on this icy,  cold  day indoors. They  rocked out to some fun guitar jams with Ms. Meg too!

Thursday Indoor Recess Fun

The cold weather doesn’t stop River School friends from having fun! A jam band parade from middle class met up with toddler tunes in front with all kinds of percussion , maracas, tambourines, bells, castanets and guitar! Rockin River!

Snowy Owls and Polar Bears

Front class friends created pinched and slabbed clay forms that turned into our favorite arctic animals! We talked about giving them life by moving them into action sculptures . We made aurora borealis panels in the art studio after everyone saw the photograph of  polar bears and snowy owls in the Arctic. We cut these…

World Traveler, Photographer & Navy Reservist, Roger Duncan!

World traveler, photographer and navy reservist Roger Duncan, or Ava’s dad, showed slides of different countries and people from Haiti , Guam and Africa! Pictured were boats, planes, people building fires in the snow and medical doctors helping out all around the world! He was dressed up in a fancy uniform and joined us for…


Friends in the front were feeling the letter “C” and dreaming about crunchy cookies and cats, while friends in the middle class were working magic with their new expanded writing and drawing space!

River Beaver Lodge Moves

Friends listened to the sounds of the river in yoga this week. They heard baby beavers as they grunted, barked and slapped their tails. Friends recreated a big beaver family and made canals, lodges and dams with different yoga moves and sound effects . So much fun!

Beaver Studies

Did you know we have a beaver set on the Royal River? We looked at it in the autumn and were then surprised a few weeks ago , to see a tree — maybe a poplar which is their favorite – being nibbled away right near our play and sled area! Why did the beavers…

Beautiful Blackbird Prints

Friends created from an Ashley Bryan re-telling of a traditional African tale. The story is set long ago where there were so many brightly colored birds but only Blackbird wore the color black. The other birds thought that Blackbird was the most beautiful because his color included all the colors under the sun, so they…

Freedom Wall

Celebrating MLK and what freedom means today in a mural wall collaboration with chalk, hand marbled paper, torn and cut paper and birds floating and soaring in the air. We had fun dancing to Freebird as well!


Friends have been building incredible structures with our Magna-Tiles. These are 3-D magnetic building tiles that are magnetized on each edge . They are so fun and also help develop fine motor skills as friends stack, build, count, match and click together their creations. This is a proud River Architecture Collaborative here!

Our Animal Clinic and Veterinarians

Friends requested  an animal hospital for all of the lovies and stuffed animals in the school that were ill.  Animals could be checked in at the desk or by phone. Once checked in, a veterinarian with an emergency medical bag , stethoscope  and monitor could  make an observation. Some surgeries  were required.  I saw Lana…

Winter Wands

Magic wands are being made in the front class with wintery wonder. Such fun!

Winter Farmers Market

Friends lined up for vegetables and fruit at the River School Farmers Market!  They took turns as cashiers and shoppers and are having a lot of fun!

Ice And Snow Exploration

Friends had alot of fun in the front classroom as they played played with ice, snow and  miniature winter animals in our sensory table!

Mali Mudcloth and Shape, Pattern, Printmaking

Friends in the front class helped make traditional mudcloth with ground terra-cotta,tempera and water . Mali craftspeople make many fabric colors from nature, rock and plants. We looked at Ashley Bryan’s, Beautiful Blackbird, and talked about pattern with repeating shapes. We looked at symbols and shapes that represented freedom, migration, and a spiral for life…

Hibernate, Migrate, Adapt

Friends are making cozy habitats with their lovies and feeling the season of hygge. They are reading about all kinds of animals and how and where they live in this wonderful living world! They spent some time finding animals in picture books and magazines which migrated, hibernated or adapted and put them in categories. We…


How do we stay warm and cozy? How do we chill out? In Scandinavia, hygge, a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” it’s a winter way of life in Scandinavia. January brings friends to a time of understanding all that…