Clay & Tea Party!

Friends in the middle class love the book “Tea Party In The Woods”.! Althea thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a real tea party after it thaws! We made pinched and thrown forms on the pottery wheel. We talked about the rim, or lip, of the cups, and thought about how it…

Ballerina Mina Visit!

Fiona’s sister, Mina, came to visit Ms. Meg and River School. While visiting, she taught the first through fifth ballet positions! We love our River School Alma Maters visiting!

Not a Box

A box is just a box…unless it’s not a box. It can be a mountain, rocket ship, train, car or house. It can be many amazing things with our imaginations at River School!

Mortar and Pestle Pigments

Friends in the middle class are learning how paint and color ants can be made into art material! We have a wooden mortar and pestle from Africa, and a stone version from Italy! Which is more fun? We will make little paintings with these pigments too!

Land/ Air/ Water Geography

Where does an octopus live? Where do polar bears live? Toddler friends had fun learning about animals in their environment today with Ms. Barbara!

World Mapping

Friends in the front are learning about the shapes of continents on a sandpaper globe . On the other globe they were looking at pictures of places and where in the world they could be located!

First Letter Naming & Coppersmithing!

Friends in the front class explore letters by hearing, looking and feeling the shapes of the alphabet. We twisted copper wire letter shapes to show our first name, first letters. Friends also chose and matched their favorite colors from the tertiary color box to paint warm or cool with these lovely jewels.

Dragon Dance

Friends in both classes decorated a twelve foot dragon with symbols and attempts at Chinese characters, scales, flowers, eyes, and all sorts. Ms Meg got it working with handles and finishing touches and everyone took it on a dance parade around the school! We had Chinese Dragon Dance music and moved to the beat. Gong…

Baby Nursery (Baby Slings and Baby Scales!)

Ms Eliza found an old school baby scale for all our dollies and lovies to be weighed . This is a fun task, calculating and looking at numbers, and preparing their layettes. The little moms wanted to wear baby slings this am. too. MsKat brought a sling from 31 years ago, embroidered in China which…

Felted Hearts

Friends did some wet felting with a beautiful assortment of wool roving. Wool was chosen, combed and thinned to wrap and layer soap hearts . This is gentle work with an urge to lather them into oblivion! That’s fine as what is left is a miniature scrub pad for lovies they remarked! The front class…

Valentines Galore

It’s not just another Hallmark day at River School! We really are making these treasures with love intentions ! Friends were asked about love and what and who they love! Parents! Candy! Pets! Sugarloaf! Fresh Air! Chebeague Island! whole Wide World! They love LOVE!!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Chinese New Year!

It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year at River School! It is the Year of the Pig in fact, ( although the majority of friends in middle are 2014 goats and the front are 2015 horses!) and we are celebrating in many ways ! We received a video greeting from friends of Colin and Clara’s in…

Chinese Dragon Collage

Friends from the front class saw a Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco with a dragon dance. We made our own dragons dancing!

Ming Dynasty Tripod Cups

The middle group created a spin off on Ming Dynasty censors, or cups for incense, with stoneware clay . Rowe School potter and alum, Otis Queally, assisted with technical and artistic help. Textured slabs were upended and then seams closed. We got into a little engineering as we learned how to cut coils the same…

Animal Hospital

Friends in the front class have helped eagle, bears, cats and dogs get better checking with a stethoscope and treating with a medicine bag of all sorts.