Birds and Nests

Friends in the middle class gathered bamboo to make these wonderful nests. The bird sculptures are made with the Berkshire black clay . (These bird expressions are wonderful!)

Camping Adventure

Friends made a list of what they would need to go on a camping trip. Backpacks, sleeping bags, lantern, flashlights, cameras and field guides for starters. They also made a make believe campfire to roast marshmallows while sitting in the Adirondack chairs. And of course a tent! A beautiful night time was drawn with pastels.and…

Glazing Pottery Time!

  Friends today, have glazed lots of cups, tiles, bowls and celadon tripods!  We are getting ready for some magic to happen, painting with glass or glaze and then will fire in Ms. Kat’s kiln. With out wet clay that we’ve thrown on the pottery wheel and hand built, it will transform into things we…

Montessori Pink Tower and Broad Stairs

Vesper and Marty worked on a wonderful variation of the pink tower and broad stairs today. What a fabulous pattern and design with alot of sensory learning here!

Counting and Geometry Play

All kinds of number and shape  play is worked on and played with at River School, from Montessori works to big group circle counting games!

I made my Earth!

In the Front class this month, we have been traveling to different continents. Some of the children have made maps of these continents. When one friend finished his map, he exclaimed “I made my Earth!” You may hear your children singing the continent song, too. It goes a little something like this… Continents, Continents  Do…

Elephant Bas- Relief “Tiles”

What happens when everyone rolls out a square slab. It becomes an elephant! Cassidy, Nell, Lucy and Maddie started with not “staying in the lines”, or in a square, and added a trunk, ear, and four legs( with the “tile” becoming the body!) We talked about profiles – one side of us – as they…

River School Reads!

Fiona’s mom, Renee Bogart, read  “After Fall” . A story about how Humpty made  it back up again! Cooper’s mom, Sarah Rutberg read a few stories from a Dr. Suess Anthology !Reid Andress, Malcolm’s dad, read,”One Monster After Another”. Colin and Clara’s mom, Nancy Martin, came in to read, “Tacky the Penguin. “ It is lovely…

Fantastic Gymnastics and Games

Front and middle classes have rainy day fun with relays, balance, spinning and sliding !! Kai and Jocelyn came by with some magic wands too!

Kiarah Barnes & YHS Career Exploration Program

Every year we have the honor of hosting a student from Yarmouth High School or North Yarmouth Academy for a three day career exploration program, or CEP. Friends love to work and play with these fun people. Kiarah played games, read books, assisted with art projects and was an all around helper in both front…

Rainy Day Jam Sessions!

Rainy days at River become extra special with music and song! Ms. Meg pulls out her guitar for some Five Little Ducks and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before rest time. I also saw John Prine and Bonnie Raitt duet rehearsing Angel of Montgomery in the back studio! Music is all happening at River School today…

Happy Spring!!

What a glorious day in the park ! It was almost 50 degrees in the sun! Exploring nature, finding whirlies and visiting the climbing tree was so much fun! We had fun with the game,

Daffodils & Springtime!

Kids cut daffodils to size to fit their own vases and then put them around the room to make Spring happen!! Friends also planted out some cat grass seed hoping that will spring soon too!!

Shamrock Shakes

It’s green and full of the luck “o” the Irish – It’s the famous River School Shamrock Shake, minty, creamy and delicious ! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Ms. Mandy showed slides today of her travels through north India. We saw the River Ganges, Taj Mahal and camels in Rajasthan. Pictures of cows, which are considered sacred in India, and must not be harmed, are allowed to go where they want, and may even cause traffic jams when they walk through cities!Ms. Mandy…

Parade of Elephants

As we begin a cultural exploration of India, we made wonderful elephants. in fabric and clay. There are some nice library books about elephants too !

Ooblek Science!

Is it solid? Is it liquid? Is it amazing? Yes! Alchemist friends mixed a concoction of St. Patrick Day colored ooblek after reading Dr. Suess’ Bartholomew and the Ooblek. Such fun !

River Fashion House and Consignment Shop

Friends are pricing items to go on sale at their new store! Shoes, handbags, coats, sunglasses and much more are being sold this week in a new dress up shop with a twist. We are learning so much! Fitting, Measuring, Pricing, Naming, Tagging, Vogueing !!!

River Guest Readers!

Parents, grands and friends are taking some time to read a favorite book to the middle class. What a great way to connect ! The middle class is enjoying all of these wonderful books and new voices. Yertle the Turtle was read by Christophe Strauss, Leo’s dad. Officer Buckle and Gloria, was read by Molly Liddell,…


Friends in the front take turns to describe the weather outside. Yes, we have big snow piles outside of River School still! It is winter, but cold and sunny! Daylight  savings time  starts on Sunday and that means Springtime is around the corner!

Dr. Suess

Leo’s dad came in to read Yertle the Turtle and help celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday week. Ms. Meg read The Lorax! Ms. Mandy and Ms. Eliza are Suessing it up with our friends too! What is your favorite story? We have a Suess library and a check out for all these wonderful stories in the…

World Travelers

Friends in the front class are getting ready for take off! Travel portfolios and passports are made and friends are embarking on Jet River, taking turns at being pilot, co-pilot and passenger! We are launching into the study of continents and countries ! Where will we go tomorrow?!

Montessori Work!

Tuesday and Thursday friends explored  a variety of  “works” today! We discovered new materials as they sorted, sculpted, created with land and water  and built with blocks. The magnificent pink tower building, from big to very tiny blocks  is an engineering accomplishment! Toy animals  in the sensory table were  moved around the different types of…

Clara the Penguin!

Friends in the middle class slide and sled on the amazing park hills! Clara is just going for it! Go Clara!