Montessori Work!

Tuesday and Thursday friends explored  a variety of  “works” today! We discovered new materials as they sorted, sculpted, created with land and water  and built with blocks. The magnificent pink tower building, from big to very tiny blocks  is an engineering accomplishment! Toy animals  in the sensory table were  moved around the different types of land and geography. So much fun!11DC602A-6B7D-4FD5-B289-114A608D49066A962151-239F-42B7-9F3A-5CD7E6BC3D6829821223-B9A9-44F1-9BA2-8F9BD9C7A4A92FFEA4B1-A750-4A58-9248-A4FE859D87D2DA894952-3060-458B-8243-EC4144D7888BA4696A75-C4DE-4D98-8687-CDE68A0B61A658EDF704-5B87-4A84-8915-10B609C4B59944D13116-4AEC-48AA-8765-52535A38C07D

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