River School Reads!

img_2673img_2674B5413D88-F6B9-4BCA-9DC2-5453808D67C56B8ABEFB-B796-4D43-ACBD-DF19B3323A5CDC412B7C-8F1D-4007-9568-45EA857AEA2672DABA00-F362-44FA-AFD3-E4B19161E7D8Fiona’s mom, Renee Bogart, read  “After Fall” . A story about how Humpty made  it back up again! Cooper’s mom, Sarah Rutberg read a few stories from a Dr. Suess Anthology !368CA97C-8B5A-4F22-A296-187E277EA2EAReid Andress, Malcolm’s dad, read,”One Monster After Another”. Colin and Clara’s mom, Nancy Martin, came in to read, “Tacky the Penguin. “

It is lovely to listen and read with our friends favorite books and a parent or relation! Thank you for taking the time to visit River School!

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