Walking Rainbows & Missing Gems

Friends made signs for Isla’s missing gem in the park ! Ask how the walking rainbow science experiment happened in the middle class! Sciemce? Magic? A little bit of both? Fun.

Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day at River School! Friends in the middle classroom picked up litter in the Royal River Park. “Who could do such a thing!” exclaimed Althea. At the bottom is a picture of Earth taken from outer space with the northern lights glowing like a crown!

Erik Donahoe/ Visiting Mind/ Yarmouth Open Spaces Steward

Erik came to visit River School and Royal River Park to talk about birds and park health. We were going to do a spring clean up and it snowed! We had a puppet bird migration from the birch tree to the climbing tree instead! Erik gave us different bird nests to add to our collection….

Toddler Tuesday

Ms Meg and Ms Barbara had a fun flower market day where friends took turns as cashiers and customers. We also are collaging a Letter Flag Banner. These friends loved the guitar music played by MsMeg on this chilly wintry morn. Cold and rainy outside, yet, cozy and warm vibes inside at River School! !

Visiting Mind/ Ashok Nalamalapu

We were so happy to have Ashok Nalamalapu, ¬†and assistant chanter, Stacy of Westport Island, who joined both of our classes today. Ashok founded Swan Kirtan, where he plays the harmonium and leads in devotional chanting (Kirtan)! He enjoys daily meditation. He enjoys doing this with children at River School. During our beautiful morning, we…

Georgia O’Keefe Flowers

Friends looked close up at pansies to draw and paint flowers like Georgia O’Keefe! We used oil resist and watercolor on these little blocks of wood. We did a Matisse pansy stencil over these .We looked at a slide show of the beautiful abstract flowers. Children liked the “mother of American modernism” Georgia O’Keefe!

Middle Nest and Eggs

Friends in the middle became the bird while building nests. They collected leaves, weeds and grass while in the park. They painted and created with intention. These are fabulous!


We noticed a bird building a nest on the porch eaves today! Ava found a little nest in the park! We now wake up to a different beautiful morning chorus as spring comes to Maine! We are making toy birds and sticks with paper mache. We also have little pairs of toy birds and a…

Montessori Math Bead Bars

A few friends worked with addition equations while counting with math beads.. There is a variety of pretty bead combinations to keep it interesting . There is also a board of equations to tally off as you learn more and m

River Puppet Theater

Friends took turns with animal puppets creating little vignettes! We are learning how to be a respectful audience too!

Outdoor Marbling

Friends had interesting fun marbling accordian book covers and papers to collage with . So many colors and patterns on this windy day!

Rivers Tibetan – Flags

Friends wished themselves and each other good tidings and happiness while creating their letter initial panel. We put these on our ribboned lobster rope to eventually let the wind take our wishes off into the sky. In the meantime we hung these for our visiting mind, Swan Kirtan! The colors represent the elements- white-air, green-…

The Egg

Middle class friends got into their egg making. Imagine which birds have made this wonderful collection. They made the colors and speckled all different ways. This project was especially good because initial directions were given, with big listening ears, eye contact and they managed the project on their own helping and informing each other along…

Marius the Monkey & Nigel the Hedgehog

Friends are all ears when Marius the Monkey and Nigel the Hedgehog offer their sage wisdom before outdoor time. They know how kids feel and how to get along. They know about rules and they make them interesting. They also know, most importantly , how to tell very, very funny jokes!

Flower Power Florist Co.

The dramatic play area in the middle class has become a wonderful flower shop. Friends started arranging tulips and planting cat grass ( 5 inch growth in a week!) All manner of flowers are ready to be arranged, priced, bought and sold. There is also just plain happiness playing near all the color imaginable! Flower…

Nests and Eggs

Friends looked at pictures of different bird eggs and made some for their own little nests! What type of bird made that egg?

Colorful Springtime Play!

The sensory table in the front class has hundreds of spring things to play with! Baskets, grass, eggs, flowers, rabbits, birds, ducks ….We love the hundreds of little games you can play!