River School Media Exchange in Morocco

Questions by River School friends were answered by children in Fez, Morroco.  We made a video of River School questions and translated it into Arabic. Here is the little film and photo answers. It’s nice to make friendships in the world and we enjoyed the lively discussion about it after the slide show !

Our friends from North Africa have never seen snowy owls or snow. ( Leo’s question, as we were talking about Maine animals the morning of the video!) They also think moose are the funniest animals in the world and thought they were from the Pleistocene Era. Eammon am Malcolm asked about games. They play soccer (big ups to my sister from UK for knowing statistics  on their favorite teams, Chelsea, Arsenal and the European Finals, cafes packed to the brim for this) and also play tag like us. They also play a type of Jenga, called Dinifri, on their roofs, stacking with stones in a four foot square and teams try to knock them over. A video shows the rooftops that children play on, where at other times they fly kites.  The video here shows the countdown to the rising of the moon and the start of the month of Ramadan, fasting till moonrise-(7:30- 8:30 pm-) with a feast like our Thanksgiving, every night, and with a break fast before sunrise all month long.

River School Wonders


Rising of the Moon starts Ramadan






This is how a little boy sings in Arabic. Some children speak French too!


Fez is a big working city with medieval architecture and many souks that have concentrated crafting skills in different neighborhoods. It’s most known for its tannery but also has large coppersmithing, woodworking, textile and spice areas. The children live in stone houses that usually have only a door you can see from the front of the street. They have garden courtyards with other neighbors in back that are nice. The Old Medinain Fez is said to be the worlds largest urban pedestrian zones, so no cars and that’s nice! It is crowded with 1.4 million people and donkeys instead!

Lots of donkeys, no horses around, Vesper!Flowers everywhere, Zola! This morning glory trailed up a 30 foot wall to our terrace .Loads of mint and olives and people baked their own flatbread. They cooked stews of vegetables and meats in clay pots called taginesMusic ,Ms. Meg! Many Berbers who live in villages near the Atlas Mountains, also live in Fes, and contribute to community song with many neighborhoods getting together on the weekends and holidays!

The World Festival of Sacred Music  is hosted in Fez every June. Sufism is predominant, the mystical aspect of Islam, a path of peace and has a message of universality. http://fesfestival.com/2017/en/

yDrew, ! Many people go to hamaans and have black clay and olive soap scrubs and eucalyptus wash to cool off. There are small pools in riads and larger ones in the outskirts of town where people go with an inexpensive day pass. We are lucky we have a big ocean to swim in. D61176A6-3BB3-4001-A4C4-7BB04E872B6FSawyer, the kids in Fez liked your message of love and send it right back to you and to everyone at River School!

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