Popcorn & Slideshow

Friends gathered for a slideshow night and classroom visit. Pictures of fun at River School, indoor and out, and photos of friends at the beginning and end of school year were lovely and heartwarming. The popcorn was good too! Special thanks to Jocelyn for the great group portrait! and this in from Lindsey who worked on coordinating all of the slides and doing a fab job!!!!!

We had such a wonderful time with you all on our movie night, and here is our slideshow! 

(pdf in your emails!)

The music files may not work within the program but please feel free to keep this show and grab any pictures from it if you’d like to have them printed! The songs are “Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth” by George Harrison (1st song) and “Forever Young” by Alphaville (2nd song after second quote slide) – also attached – if you want to play along!

While the year isn’t over yet, we want to thank you immensely for making this such a special one with your amazing children!

Much love, 

River School Team

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