Special Yoga and Meditation/ Nothando & Ahmed’s Journey/ MsMeg & MsStacy

Friends in the front class enjoyed a story about Nothando, who on a journey to a festival, embody animal poses to, “feel the strength of a lion, the calm of a fish eagle, and the courage of a baboon”. River School Friends went on their own journey with Ms.Stacy, a trained and found out where Swaziland was, tried different animal poses and had a beautiful and quiet circle meditation.

In the afternoon friends sat on newly covered sleep mats sewn with Ms Meg, for rest, and heard Ahmed’s Journey: A Story of Self Discovery. It is a book for all ages, especially children, to address their worries with meditation. Ms. Meg gently read the steps a Bedouin boy goes through as he prepares and worries about a camel race in the desert.

We were fortunate to host  Ms. Stacy, whose mentor and friend is the author, Jill Apperson Manly, of Jabulani Yoga in Orange County, CA. The books can be ordered here https://nothandosjourney.com/



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